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The mission of the Iron Horse Theatre Company is to provide thought provoking and entertaining theater that will enrich the cultural life in what is now known as the "rust belt" area of southwestern Pennsylvania. We will provide the people of this community the opportunity to not only attend, but also to participate in quality presentations and theatrical works. The symbolic name, "Iron Horse" represents the hard-working and "iron-willed" people in this part of the world. It is in this spirit that we will create theatrical experiences that celebrate the grit, determination, and strength of the human character.


Your patronage and generous donations go directly to supporting this worthy mission.

Iron Horse Community Theatre opened  in June 2018!

The Iron Horse Community Theatre, located at 348 Maplewood Avenue in Ambridge Pennsylvania, had a "Raise the Roof" happy hour on May 4th, and a ribbon-cutting opening night event on June 1st 2018!


Thanks to the generous donations that many made at the May 4th fundraising event, the intimate community theatre was able to open its doors on June 1, 2018 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by an opening night party, and the theatre's first play: Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune.  


Special thanks to our Founding Stars who made both occasions possible (many were in attendance for one or both nights): The Schneider family (Gold Members), Susan and Greg Kaminski (Gold Members), Janet and Michael Duzicky (Gold Members), Sean Kolwalski and Tim Garland - Sean’s Signature Salon (Gold Members), Sarah Braun and Dan Weisberg (Gold Members), David M. Neuhart and Carol M. Yannuzzi (Gold Members), Amy and Charles Ellefson (Gold Members), Carita P. Triko (Silver Member), Robert Matzie (Silver Member), Pamela and Hayden Anderson (Bronze Members), John and Sarah Steadman (Bronze Members), Trish and Marcos Digliodo (Bronze Members), Kim Villella ((Bronze Member), Carole J. Ford (Bronze Member), Hugh D. and Nancy G. Sansom (Bronze Members), Dr. Leonard I. Ganz (Bronze Member), and Frank Deluca (Bronze Member).


We also want to thank those who contributed the many items we needed to make both events a success (entertainment, beer, wine, desserts, food, tables, napkins, supplies, etc.): All Occasions Party Rental, Ryta Mirisciotti (Naked Grape Wine Services and Importing, Inc.), Post Office Catering Group, Scott and Rosanna, Susan and Greg Kaminski, Kim Villella, Michele and Michael Santicola, Marianne Fadden, Pamala Anderson and the Moon Area teachers. And I don’t want to forget our volunteers who worked hard throughout the night even after the event was over: Kathleen Tessaro, Pam and Hayden Anderson, Caleb, Jen and Matt Custer, Deb Martz, Doug May, Amy Ellefson, Dave Neuhart, Liam Cain, and Maya Andlig.


Thank you all for everything you did to make both events successful and memorable.



Click on the links below to see food by Herban Touch Juice Lab, and music by Scott and Rosanna.



The Iron Horse Community Theatre  not only provides a very intimate theatre experience (61 seats and one additional space for a wheelchair), but also provides a community room for art, photography, music, dance, voice, acting, and even yoga.


Click on the link below to see our video of the theatre.



Also, read what the Sewickley Herald reported on 9.9.16


If you would like to volunteer some of your time and talent, please contact us via e-mail or call (724) 263-0075. We would love to have you join us.


Please donate to this worthy cause so that our community can have a venue it truly deserves, and one we can all be proud of. 





Summer Acting Workshop  

Grades 5-8

During this two-week (Monday through Friday each week) workshop at the Iron Horse Community Theatre, students will explore the fundamental building blocks of the craft of acting, and apply these skills through a performance for their family and friends at the end of the two-week session.

Students in this program explore various acting techniques through a series of exercises that will help them establish a firm acting foundation. We will also provide some lessons in voice (singing) and choreographed dance as well. 

This program for young actors emphasizes the connection to both text and scene partners. With the guidance of our teachers, the students will spend their first week engaged in various improvisation games and formats. In addition, we will bring in experienced performers to not only talk about their experiences working as theater professionals, but to share some fun acting techniques as well. 

The second week of this workshop will encompass rehearsing from a script. Students will also prepare costumes, props, and technical needs, ensuring that their performance at the end of the two-week workshop is a success. While we encourage all students to act in the final show, we are always open to allowing someone who may be more interested in the technical aspects (lights and sound) of a show, to shine in that area as well.

Each day there will be four hours (10 am - 2pm) of acting techniques and rehearsals.  We will stop around noon to eat lunch (Students will need to pack a lunch each day, except the last day. We will have a pizza party celebration on the final day). The last day concludes with a showcase performance that demonstrates the growth and skills of the young actors.

The two-week workshop begins Monday, July 9 and concludes Friday, July 20. Final performance will be Friday, July 20 at 2:00 pm for the family and friends of the students. The performance will be about 30 minutes.

Cost of the two-week workshop is 300.00 per student or 275.00 if paid early by June 30. Credit cards are accepted.


You can call (724) 263-0075 to enroll over the phone, or send a check or money order (made out to Iron Horse Theatre Company) along with the name and age of the young actor you would like to enroll to Iron Horse Theatre Company, 348 Maplewood Ave. Ambridge, Pa. 15003 . This camp has limited spaces, so we recommend enrolling early!

News and Reviews: Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune

Terrence McNally's  romantic comedy played at the Iron Horse Community Theatre this past June 1st through the17th. 


The setting was a walk-up apartment on Manhattan's West Side where Frankie (a waitress played by Amy Ellefson) and Johnny (a short-order cook played by Tom Mirth) were discovered in bed. 


Ellefson and Mirth had to put aside all vanity in order to reveal two middle-aged characters who were physically and emotionally imperfect in so many ways.


Mirth did an amazing job making Johnny irritating and cocky, and yet sensitive and likeable.


Ellefson's Frankie was funny, but in a sad kind of way, and somehow strong and vulnerable at the same time. Ellefson portrayed Frankie as a woman who had built a protective wall around herself while Mirth's Johnny was intent on dismantling her wall throughout the play. 


It is safe to say that both Amy Ellefson and Tom Mirth delivered amazing performances. 

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