Iron Horse Theatre Company's first event was a stage reading of the play Good People, written by David Lindsay-Abaire. The event was held in Sewickley’s Sweetwater Center for the Arts at 200 Broad Street on Saturday evening November 12, 2016, and again a week later on November 19 at the beautiful Laughlin Memorial Library (located at 99 11th Street in Ambridge, Pa. 15003).

2018: Our First Full Season Pictures

Browse the photos of the first year of plays and events at the Iron Horse Community Theatre. It started witih our (May 4, 2018) grand opening fundraising event and (June 1, 2018) opening night of our first play and continued to our Mother's Day Cabaret (May 12, 2019). 

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune: June 1 -17, 2018 


Terrence McNally's  romantic comedy played at the Iron Horse Community Theatre in June 2018. 


The setting was a walk-up apartment on Manhattan's West Side where Frankie (a waitress played by Amy Ellefson) and Johnny (a short-order cook played by Tom Mirth) were discovered in bed. 


Ellefson and Mirth had to put aside all vanity in order to reveal two middle-aged characters who were physically and emotionally imperfect in so many ways.


Mirth did an amazing job making Johnny irritating and cocky, and yet sensitive and likeable.


Ellefson's Frankie was funny, but in a sad kind of way, and somehow strong and vulnerable at the same time. Ellefson portrayed Frankie as a woman who had built a protective wall around herself while Mirth's Johnny was intent on dismantling her wall throughout the play. 


It is safe to say that both Amy Ellefson and Tom Mirth delivered amazing performances.


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In October 2018, the Iron Horse Theatre Company presented Ernest Thompson’s On Golden Pond, directed by Barbara Burgess-Lefebvre and starred John C.R. Silbert and Jeane Kmetz-Donovic as Norman and Ethel Thayer, an elderly couple who shared an eventful season at their New England summer cottage. 


The setting took place at the Thayer’s summer cottage living room and kitchen. The intimate Iron Horse Community Theatre made the most out of every cubic foot that the stage had to offer. It was impeccably detailed, from the stone fireplace and hanging wooden oars to the mounted fish and jumbled stack of board games. Lighting and Sound Designer Mike Evans completed the atmosphere with a soft glow of the early afternoon sun and bird-calls coming up from the lake.


The Thayers were visited by Charlie Martin (Michael Goffus), the Thayer’s longstanding friend and mailman, and their daughter Chelsea (Nina Napoleone), who brought her fiancé Bill (Michael Church) and his young son Billy (Zach Aaron).

Wit played at the Iron Horse Community Theatre in November and December 2018. We hope you didn't miss this amazing Pulitzer Prize winning play.




Concerts: Grand Opening Fundraising Concert / Event: Scott and Rosanna


1. Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune 

2. On Golden Pond

3. Wit

4. An Evening of Stories, Songs, and Family 


Concerts: Mothers and Others: Mother's Day Cabaret: Clara Kent,  Brady Collins

Children's Production: Beauty and the Beast Jr. 


1. Harps and Harmonicas 

2. The Whipping Man

3. Scary Musical: The Musical

4. Greetings!


Concerts: Come Together : A Beatles Tribute Show

Streamed Concerts: Backyard Brass Band, Holiday Concert, Lisa J and the TriO New Year's Eve Concert

Children's Production: High School Musical Jr. (cancelled due to COVID)


(Season Cancelled due to COVID)


Concerts: Jacob Khalil,  Sierra Sellers, Tania and Jeff Grubbs, Scott and Rosanna, Lisa J and the TriO

Streamed Concert: Lisa J and the TriO Valentines Day Concert


1. 12:52 The Mike Webster Story

2. Over the River and Through the Woods

3. Make Em' Laugh (The Audition, and The Setup)


Concerts: Lisa J and the TriO, Kim Tavares, Jacob Khalil, Grateful Dead Tribute Band, Alana Solomon 

Children's Production: Frozen Jr.


1. The Boys Next Door

2. The Mad Ones

3. Doubt: A Parable

4. [title of show]


Concerts: Lilly Abreu, Aristotle Jones and His Appalachian Soul Band, Jimmy Mowrey, Flamenco Ensemble, and Alla Boara

Children's Production: The Little Mermaid Jr. 


1. I and You

2. Now and Then

3. Proof

4. Tick, Tick...Boom!


Concerts: Volunteer Appreciation Night: Lisa J and the TriO

Children's Production: Into the Woods Jr. 


1. The Golden Rose

2. Painting Churches

3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

4. A Holiday Celebration (The Gift of the Magi, The First Night of Chanukah,  and Starman, wish me Luck)

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